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Stabilis is a registered treatment centre for the treatment of substance dependents and their appropriate systems, with its aim to restore joy of living by the development of alternative lifestyles without addictive substances

We are fortunate, by the grace of our God, to experience more than 50 Golden Years of Rehabilitation Treatment since 1962.

The centre descended from the original well known Staanvas Centre. Stabilis has extended the activities inherited from Staanvas to such an extent that it necessitated a move to the present premises in 1995, and is housed in a purpose-built complex of buildings. The centre is situated in the quiet Moot area of Pretoria, has easy access to the N1 and N4 highways, bus routes, taxis, churches and shopping centres.

Stabilis is one of only few treatment centres in South Africa that has the ability to provide a full multi-dimensional treatment services to its service users and their families, due to that the various interventions offered include a full multi-disciplinary treatment team. The preceding ensures an efficient treatment of dual diagnosis (a substance problem and a psychiatric disorder) simultaneously during the treatment process. The multi-disciplinary team includes the following professional members:

  • A part-time psychiatrist, medical practitioner, occupational- and art therapists and minister of religion.
  • Full-time psychologists and social workers.
  • Full-time professional nursing staff available 24 hours a day.


“ Stabilis is the preferred facility for the treatment of the substance dependent person, for re-installing zest in the life of this individual and his/her related family and social system ”


In order to achieve the vision:

Our Centre is a facility that provides an outstanding multi-professional service at all times for the successful treatment of individuals with alcohol, medication or drug dependency.



1.  Christian approach to life and the world.

                All actions shall be aimed at Christian values

2. Fairness

Evaluation of a case with justice and merit as well as justifiable acknowledgement based on merit

3. Moral integrity

Honorable actions and the application of ethical principles in all circumstances.

4. Client orientation

Client satisfaction will be the first priority at all times.

5. Broad-mindedness

Accept various viewpoints and opinions as important for growth, development and problem solving.

6.  Initiative

Grab opportunities and accept responsibilities without hesitation.

7.  Participation

Participation of all parties involved before decision-making that affects them.

8.  Quality orientation

An obsession to achieve product and service quality

9.  Courteousness

Courteousness, with respect for individual integrity

10. Development

Opportunities for personal growth and development

11. Zest for work

Work long and hard to achieve   results

Our Partners

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Staff Members



Dr Michiel van der Merwe
(Executive Director)
Dr Michiel is responsible for the general management of Stabilis.
He was appointed as executive director during 2012. His involvement started in 1987 when he was responsible for the pastoral group sessions. He was also for 20 years the chairperson of The Board of Directors of Stabilis. He has qualifications in counselling, theology, IT, HR and business management.


Berno Paul
Berno is responsible for the management of the therapists at Stabilis.
He is employed at Stabilis since 1997. His special interest is dual-diagnosis. Berno is also involved with the selection of Psychology Master students at the University of Pretoria.
He is registered at HPCSA.

Blondi Masiyapata
Blondi is responsible for the medical department at Stabilis.
She is employed at Stabilis since 2009. Her special interest is psychiatry. Blondi is involved with the practical education of students of 2 nursing schools.
She is busy with further studies at Unisa
She is registered at NCSA.

Monica Jacobs
Monica is responsible for the support systems at Stabilis.
She is employed at Stabilis since 1992.
Her job description includes the financial management, administration and human resources of Stabilis.


Retha Coetzee
(Operational Manager)
Retha is responsible for the maintenance of the facilities of Stabilis.
She is employed at Stabilis since 2014. Previously she worked part-time at Stabilis.
Her job description includes the management of the catering and also the maintenance of the facilities of Stabilis.

Michelle Louw
(Liaison officer)
Michelle is responsible for the marketing of the services of Stabilis.
She is employed at Stabilis since 2014. She also worked previously in the field of substance dependency. Her job description includes liaising with the private sector, medical schemes, communities, schools, churches and the media about the services of Stabilis.

Therapeutic staff

KleinSuzanne1.jpg Suzanne van Lill
Suzanne is employed at Stabilis
since 2000, and responsible for psychologist intern supervision. Her passion is co-dependency. She is registered at HPCSA.
Elca Erlank
(Social Worker)
Elca is employed at Stabilis since 2000, and responsible for social work intern supervision. Her passion is workshops. She is registered at SACSSP.
Shaun Landsberg
(Psychologist intern)

Shaun is employed at Stabilis since
January 2016 - doing his internship.

Amorie Burns
(Psychologist intern)

Amorie is employed at Stabilis since
January 2016 - doing her internship.

Nursing Staff

All our nurses are registered at the Nurses Council and specialized in Psychiatry.

 Ria Venter         Lydia Gittens   Tsholo Padime  Sabelle Jiyane

Other registered professional staff 

 KleinDrDes.jpg  KleinDrEvdWalt.jpg BraamKleinA.jpg   KleinLizl.jpg KleinJolena.jpg 
Dr D Rossouw
Dr E vd Walt
Dr B le Roux
Lizl v Eeden
Jolena Nicol

Adminstration & Finance

Bertha Vorster


Lizette Botha


Kitchen staff

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