• Who may be admitted in Stabilis?

    • Any person who is 18 years or older may be admitted. Our medical doctor will make a final decision on the day of admission, if the person is physical and psychological suitable for the programme.
      An outpatient programme is available for school children (under the age of 18 years).

  • What must I do to be admitted?

    • No referrals are necessary. Booking is advised to do all the necessary arrangements. After hour admissions are also allowed - an after hour admission fee is then payable. A list of items to bring with you (as well as details for authorization by your medical fund - if applicable) will be provided, when your booking is made.

  • What is the cost for treatment at Stabilis?

    • Medical funds usually pay for all the cost for a minimum of 21 or 24 days per year, depending on the medical fund. Private patients pay a fixed amount per day (which includes all the professional and accommodation costs). Only medication is excluded. Finance can also be arranged.

  • Why Stabilis (and not other rehabs)?

    • Stabilis has a success rate of 85% of persons completing their programmes successfully.
    • A multi-professional team (psychiatrist, medical doctor, psychologist, nurses, social worker, minister of religion, occupational & art therapist) is involved in the full day therapy programme - all at no extra cost!
    • Our "one price"-structure makes it the most affordable programme with registered professionals.
    • Some of the follow-up sessions (after care) and family sessions are included in the cost.
    • We are registered as an inpatient, outpatient and detox facility - assured of quality service!

  • How safe (drug free) is Stabilis?

    • Regular tests of patients and searches form part of our rehabilitation program. Surveillance cameras help us to detect all activities. Entrance is monitored with gate guards. We also make use of trained dogs to search our premises.

  • What programme are you following?

    • An assessment is done by a medical doctor and therapist on the day of admission to determine what programme is suitable for the person. See on our PROGRAM-page about the details of our different programmes.

  • How do I convince somebody to be admitted?

    • A visit and/or assessment, with no obligation, is advisable.(A person may have some wrong perceptions, because of previous experiences and/or stories heard). The clinic may also be contacted for advice how to convince a person at home.


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